4 Meter Wide Plank Teak Decking not Impossible - Reasonable too

Four Meter Long - Wide Plank Teak Decking

      Some outside the box thinking and clever production techniques have overcome some of teak's limitations and created a product that should be impossible for the species, four meter long wide plank teak decking. Teak trees are not large and straight like most species used for decking. This gives the wood the beautiful grain pattern and character but makes long lengths rare and prohibitively expensive. 
      We use a multi lam glued base to create four meter long planks which are stronger and don't twist or warp like solid wood can. Starting from the log or recycled beam each sawn plank is carefully numbered and cataloged to later end match all of the wood from that tree or beam into one long continuous looking piece of wood. When the ends of the wood have the exact same grain and color the joints become almost invisible.  This can be done in 6", 7" and even 8" wide planks. A thick base is built for elevated supporting decks and cost saving thinner planks that sit on a poured cement deck. The decking can slotted to use invisible hidden deck fasteners.  The surface is then given HHF's anti slip texture that highlights teak's beautiful grain.. No deck adds more to a house's sale-ability than the exclusivity of a wide plank teak deck..