In the Wood Finishes VS Polyurethane

Textured Floors with Natural Tung Oil Finish

      Between 5 and 7 hand-rubbed coats of non-toxic natural tung oil enhance teaks beautiful grain and color.  The feeling to a bare foot and the aesthetic appearance of an oiled wood floor is unrivaled. You are touching a very hard and durable wood and not a layer of plastic.  Natural oils allow the wood to develop a patina—the beautiful tones only natural aging produces.  Oil penetrates into the wood fibers and cells and produces a finish unmatched by surface seals and finishes.  As the oil hardens, a strong protective barrier develops that will not flake or peel off.

     Oiled floors are environmentally sound and simple to maintain. One of the added advantages is the ability to refinish areas with high traffic easily with out having to refinish the entire room as one must with polyurethane finished floors.
    With wood floors being traditionally flat, our hand worked floors textures add a new dimension to wood flooring. They are not only beautiful but also almost maintenance free floor.  The inevitable nicks and scratches which ruin other floors actually add beauty and compliment our floors time- worn look. Not ever having to sand the floor for maintenance has obvious benefits — no mess, no downtime.